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Property & Liability

Property & Liability

Our team has over 25 years of experience in providing insurance solutions such for general liability, property insurance, and worker’s compensation. MEK Financial Services Corp. understands that different risks exposures are relevant to different people and will work with you to create a specialized package policy that properly fits your needs.

Each company’s requirements in these key areas are unique. Therefore, it pays to match hard-won professional experience with extensive knowledge of your specific commercial needs. From this starting point, you can then access the expert advice your operation requires in key areas such as commercial property, liability and insurance; and even against the possibility of criminal activities. It’s also vital to be prepared for a wide range of workers compensation scenarios.

Developing customized property, liability and other appropriate packages is a vital part of keeping your business protected. This gives you the confidence to develop your company, by helping you to be prepared for any potentially damaging and unnecessary losses in these important areas.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers your structure, whether home or building, from damages as a result of unexpected events. Property insurance also offers features that provide coverage for your personal contents, equipment breakdown, sewer and drain backup and much more. MEK Financial Services Corp. will ensure that every aspect of your coverage needs are met.

As a commercial property owner, you simply never know when accidents can occur, or when disaster can strike, or even the level of damage that can be caused in such situations. One thing you will want to be sure of: that you have sufficient insurance cover in place to deal with such occurrences.

You will also want to be certain that the premiums you pay are the best you could obtain for the level of coverage offered. This is why it pays to make sure that the commercial property insurance and liability needs of your specific business model are carefully assessed. From this, a cost-effective solution can then be provided; one that both fully covers possible losses while also delivering the best-possible rates.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you and your business when injury happens at your home or business, covering the legal costs that you would incur if you were to be found responsible.

As the owner or operator of a business, you will fully appreciate the responsibilities placed upon you in terms of liability. You’ll be fully aware that your duty of care is not just towards your customers and staff members, but also extends to the general public when they come into contact with you.

You’ll certainly understand the often-serious consequences of any size or scope of a single liability claim, and how these can cause serious financial problems for any company. This is why it is vital to be sure that your enterprise is adequately covered, fully protected in terms of its needs for effective and comprehensive liability insurance.

Umbrella Liability

Umbrella and excess liability insurance coverage provides an additional layer of security once your general liability insurance coverage has been exhausted. Contractors are required to carry a general liability insurance coverage at a minimum of $1,000,000.00. At MEK Financial Services Corp., we can help you to obtain the liability coverage that you need and fulfill your contract in the event that your insurance needs exceed this minimum.

An umbrella is a welcome aid when you are caught in a sudden deluge. This is why such a term is also appropriate for those moments when your standard company insurance general liability policies simply can’t cope with exceptional situations and claims.

This is why it’s so vital for any business to invest in an umbrella liability insurance policy. This is one that clicks into action when the limits of your other liability policies are exceeded.

In this way, you are protecting your business from that enormous claim, or its huge associated legal costs. If you wish your company to be adequately covered against such excesses, it’s important to give full consideration to this vital area.

Workers Comp

As an employer, you are legally responsible to ensure that your workplace remains a safe environment. MEK Financial Services Corp. understands that accidents happen. When they do, worker’s compensation serves two purposes – assuring that your injured employees get the proper medical care and compensation for the portion of income that they will lose while unable to return to work and protection to the employer against lawsuits from employees injured while working.

It’s important to realize that the situation regarding workers’ compensation varies greatly depending on the particular state in which your company is located.

This is why it is so important to be fully conversant with the specific laws in your home state, and to make sure that a workers’ compensation insurance policy is crafted that fully delivers the coverage that such state law demands.

Such a policy should deliver the confidence and peace-of-mind that you are working both within the constraints of your budget and are complaint with those state laws; and have found a truly cost-effective option that delivers the best possible coverage for all your employees throughout your company.

Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance is a requirement as a driver in New York State. Whether looking for coverage for a personal auto or business fleet, MEK Financial Services Corp. highly recommends higher limits than those state by New York State. At a fraction of the cost, our team will make sure that you are covered properly and relieved from the stress of any auto collision.

It will be important to your business that your vehicles, whether they be delivery trucks, company cars, or construction and other equipment, are always on the road.

However, accidents do happen. These can involve damage to vehicles or property, and also injuries to staff members or third parties.

To keep your business active and operational, and to be able to cope with such situations, it’s vital to be certain that you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy in place. It’s also important that this should cover your company for possible losses of revenue as well as any claims made upon you.

Personal Lines

Your business will require a wide range of commercial insurance scenarios to be fully covered. At the same time, it always pays to consider your personal insurance needs. Feeling confident in this area also means you feel more at ease as you concentrate on your business, both its current activities and key future developments.

Taking care of your personal insurance needs across a wide range of areas, including home and vehicle insurance, provides that vital peace-of-mind. Many senior business owners also look to add what is termed an ‘umbrella’ policy, one that kicks in where other policies might not provide a high enough level of protection.


One area of major concern for many companies is where, through their actions, injury is caused to one or more members of the general public, or their property is damaged in some way.

In different ways, it’s true that every business interacts with the public, and therefore a wide variety of such situations can occur. We all know, therefore, how vital it is be sure that you have adequate liability insurance in place, to cover such third-party incidents.

Many companies choose to ask for a unique and specific policy to be created, one that covers all of their business premises, and also any negligent acts or omissions that might then occur.

Directors & Officers

Directors and officers insurance covers directors and officers from an economic loss arising from claims made against the insured for wrongful acts in their insured capacities. Directors and officers liability insurance offers protection to the management in the case that of a company growing insolvent and unable to provide protection.

One area of concern for many business owners, or members of a senior management team, is the possibility of being held liable for the outcomes of decisions they have made in good faith. Such worries can hamper the decision-making process, leading to less effective outcomes than would be hoped for, or are needed to develop the business.

This is why many private or not-for-profit organisations choose to put in place Directors and Officers liability insurance. Such a policy can be crafted to provide liability coverage for any adverse financial outcomes resulting from management errors or omissions.

It pays to consider whether such a policy would be of benefit to your organization, or to assess how effective any current coverage might be.

Employment Related Practices Liability

Employees are the primary focus of any business. Employment related practices liability insurance provides coverage in the event that an employee seeks legal action for claims such as, but not limited to: sexual harassment, age discrimination, negligence, omissions and wrongful termination.

One area of major concern for many companies and organizations is the damage, both financial and reputational, of lawsuits and claims made by their employees. Such claims might involve allegations of age discrimination or sexual harassment, or in dealing with the results from the possibility of employer negligence.

It’s wise, therefore, to protect your company, and your employees, against the possible financial and other ramifications of such lawsuits. It is best to carefully assess your situation and needs in this area, and to ensure that the coverage you require is always fully in place. This also helps to protect the reputation and standing of your business against such potential claims.

Professional Liability

MEK Financial Services Corp. highly recommends this policy for businesses that provide professional services or advisement to clientele. Professional liability insurance provides coverage to professionals such as accountants, attorneys, real estate brokers, and consultants against errors and omissions in performing professional services. Professional liability insurance will cover the economic and financial loss incurred by third parties.

Today’s world seems to be full of litigation. Due to this, many senior business executives almost expect to be subject to such actions at some stage. This is true whether or not that individual or company is at fault in any way. Such claims, even if for relatively small amounts, can still exercise severe financial stress on the companies of those claimed against.

It’s also true that many such claims may not be covered under a current standard liability policy. If you feel this might be the case, then it pays to consider professional liability insurance, because defending yourself against such claims can be extremely expensive and very time consuming.